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    2. 欢迎访问春华起重机械有限公司官网



      企业文化corporate culture 

      企业宗旨enterprise tenet :

      诚纳百川 信取天下 诚信发展  合作共赢

      honesty and integrity,win-win cooperation

      人才观talent concept:

      人才第一 尊重人才 培养人才 创造人才为核心的企业人才观

      Talent first,respect intellectual,cultivate talents and create talents

      s the core view of talent of theenterprise

      企业精神enterprise spirit:

            尊重科学 引领创新 科技兴企  创新强企

      Respect science,innovation,scientific and technological development

      管理理念management philosophy:

      科学管理 锐意创新  变革开拓 争创一流

      scientific management,innovation,reform and development,strive for first class

      服务理念service idea:


      "We're around you."Insisting on service is the purpose of the extension of the product.

       Let customers be at ease, free from worry, comfortable and  pleased.

      企业愿景enterprise vision

      争做超一流现代化工业装备制造企业 服务工业 贡献社会

      Strive to be a super-class modern industrial equipment manufacturing enterprise,

      serve industry and contribute to the society.


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