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             Hefei Chunhua Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. was foundedin 2003. It is a well-known domestickey enterprise in China, specializing in the production of highway, railway, ship wharf, industrial factory buildingbridgetype, gantrycrane, electric hoistandcrane accessories.Our companycovers an area of 36 acres with a total investment of RMB150 million yuan, owning a modern production workshop of 9000 square meters and a scientific research building of 3000 square meters. More than 50 sets of advanced heavy industry equipment including plate shearing machine, bending machine and laser cutting machine etc. have been introduced with huge capital. Our company has become a larger scale production base of lifting equipment at home in China. In 2014, under the care of the leaders at all levels in the city, county and district, Chunhua has invested over 80000000 yuan to build a new annual production of 1000 sets of crane equipment and 5000 sets of intelligent garage system industrial parks which will soon be put into use. Then they will become the largest and most advanced industrial equipment and the production base of the intelligent garage system in Anhui Province. In the past 10 years, Chunhua people have been adhering to the scientific management mode of modern enterprises. They are keen on manufacturing, forging ahead, pioneering and innovating, and striving for high-end intelligent machinery manufacturing.

      Relying on the national science and education base in Hefei, our company has a high quality R & D team. The team is the leader of heavy lifting research field, which is composed of more than 50 middle and senior engineers and technicians. Strong scientific research ability, extraordinary innovation concept as well as pragmatic and dedicated research spirit constantly lead the rapid development of domestic crane application field. The "Chunhua" brand series products, which have been developed by our company, have been used for the lifting equipment of large and medium-sized enterprises and key projects all over the country. It is well received by the users. The company has a perfect market sales and service network, and has several sales and service networks and offices throughout the country. The total sales volume is among the best in the same industry.

      In the new century, combined with the national plan of 12th Five-Year, our company has developed a series of "Chun Hua" brand intelligent garage systems which have independent intellectual property rights by grasping the pulse of the national economic construction, seizing the market opportunity, expanding the intelligent garage project decisively and tapping the elite R & D force. Through forging ahead, continuous innovation and a hundred times passion, all Chunhua people have realized that the intelligent garage system has been successfully used in many provinces, cities, counties, districts, shopping malls, residential and hospital projects, and has won the praise and recognition of customers and the majority of the owners.

      Quality wins trust, and confidence comes from the profession. In line with the enterprise tenet of "honesty and integrity", practice the service concept of "we are around you", and sincerely look forward to the win-win cooperation with a large number of old and new friends.


            Hefei Chunhua Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in the development, design, sale, manufacture, installation andmaintenance etc. of the hoistingmachinery and transportation machinery. The company has obtained the first class A license for the national hoisting machinery production qualification. At the same time, it is the deputy director general unit of Anhui special industry association, famous brand of Anhui Province and the famous brand of the country. Our company has been the largest production enterprise in the country for three consecutive years, especially the metallurgical crane 125T and 41T container door machine, which is the only production license awarded by State Bureau of quality supervision in the whole province.

      Our company has a better sales network and a certain market share, and has offices in major and medium-sized cities at home in China. The sales of the whole province are among the best in the past few years. Products are exported to Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Algeria, Europe and other countries. At present, the company produces more than 1800 units of all kinds of hoisting machinery.

      In 2012, Chunhua intelligent parking new matching production line was included in the annual provincial key supporting projects and provincial "865" key supporting intelligent technology enterprises. Many times the mayor and leaders led by relevant departments at all levels of provincial and municipal leaders went to our factory to visit and inspect. Our company has been awarded a number of awards.

      Since its establishment in 1999, our company has been adhering to the core values of "honesty, pragmatism, pioneering and enterprising" and the service concept of "serving the customers with our heart" with a lofty ambition, exquisite workmanship, high quality products, good service, good reputation, strong technical strength, excellent management team and preferential price advantage, which makes us surpass customer expectations constantly. Our company provides customers with safe, economical, beautiful and practical equipment. Our product features are advanced, efficient and fast












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